BPQ Mail Server User and SYSOP commands

? or Help:
 Displays a list of commands.

A :
 Abort the BBS output while paging.

B or Bye :
 Disconnects from the BBS.
CMSPASS Password:
 Sets Password for access to Winlink COM Servers.
D Num :
 Flag NTS Message(s) as Delivered.
 List files available for download.
Home :
 Enters or modifies the Home BBS. A point deletes the current Home BBS.

I :
 Display sysop - provided information about this BBS.

I callsign :
 Gives the information on callsign taken from the white pages database.
 Callsign can include wildcards.

I@ bbs :
 Gives the users of BBS found in the WP database.

IH route :
 Gives the users of the hierarchical route area from the WP database.

IZ Zip :
 Gives the users of the ZIP code area from WP database.

K-commands delete messages sent by you or to you.
K msg# : Deletes a message identified by its number.
KM     : Deletes all the messages addressed to you, that you haven't yet read.

L-commands list message headers.
L : Lists the new messages since the last usage of this command.
Lx : List messages with status "x" - x can be D F N Y $.
LB : Lists bulletins.
LC : Lists all Bulletin "categories" (TO Fields)
LM : Lists the messages to you.
LL n: Lists the last n messages.
LR : Equivalent to L but the messages are listed in reverse order.
LT : List Traffic (NTS-messages).
L< Callsign : Lists message from [Callsign]. 
L> Callsign : Lists messages to [Callsign].
L@ [BBS] : Lists the messages VIA BBS.
L msg#- : Lists all messages, starting from msg#
L msg#-msg# : Lists messages between the given numbers.

N :
 Enters or modifies your name (max 12 characters allowed).
 Exits BBS and returns to Node.
OP nbr of lines :
 Enables or disables the paging of output.

 Enables or disables polling RMS for messages for you.
  POLLRMS Enable
  POLLRMS Disable
  POLLRMS SSID1 SSID2 SSID2 (for the base call, specify SSID of 0)
    eg POLLRMS 0 1 15 will look for messages to CALL, CALL-1, CALL-15
  The sysop can also set the flags for other users.
    eg POLLRMS G8BPQ Enable
Q :
 Enters or modifies QTH.

R-commands read messages.
R msg# msg# : Reads the messages by their numbers.
RM : Reads new messages to you.
READ Name :
 Read File from Files area.
S-commands send messages.
S[type] callsign : Sends a message or a bulletin.
          If the type is not specified, it will be sent as private.
SP callsign : Sends a private message.
S callsign @ BBSCALLSIGN : Sends  a  message  to  a  station  AT  another  BBS.
          The message must be terminated by a Ctrl/Z or /EX followed by a return.
SC Msg# Callsign @ BBSCALLSIGN : Copies a message or bulletin to the specified callsign.
SR Msg#  : Replies to a message.

V :
 Displays Version number of the BBS and Node software.

X :
 Toggles Expert Mode.
YAPP Name :
 Download file from File area. Must be issued from a terminal supporting YAPP, eg UZ7HO's Easyterm.

Z :
 Enters or modifies the Zip Code.

The following commands can only be used by the SYSOP

AUTH : Authenticate for Remote SYSOP access. Use program BPQAUTH to generate passcode..
DOHOUSEKEEPING : Run Housekeeping process     
EXPORT : Export Message to a file. Type EXPORT for details.
FWD : Manage Forwarding. Type FWD Help for details.
EDITUSER (EU) : Manage Users. Type EU Help for details.
IMPORT : Import Messages from a file. Type IMPORT for details.
KH : Kills Held Messages.
K< Callsign : Kills message from [Callsign].
K> Callsign : Kills messages to [Callsign].
LH : List HELD messages.
LK : List KILLED messages      
REROUTEMSGS : Rerun message routing process     
SETNEXTMESSAGENUMBER : Sets next message number     
SHOWRMSPOLL : Displays your RMS polling list  
UH : Unhold messages. Either UH ALL or UH msg# msg#...

John Wiseman, G8BPQ
Updated December 2020