The objective of the Delaware Packet Network (DEPN) is to build a packet network using RF-links within the State of Delaware and surrounding areas. Every station in a Terrestrial Amateur Radio Packet Network consists of a Raspberry Pi, a TNC , a radio, and an antenna. The Raspberry Pi TARPN architecture is expandable. You can start with one TNC, radio and antenna, and add more later if the need arises.

Each TARPN station serves as a node in building the network. Each node connects to a ‘neighbor’ TARPN node and can be comprised of several RF links, known as ‘ports’, on different frequencies. Each RF link requires a separate TNC, radio and antenna system. Yagis are recommended for point-to-point links to TARPN neighbors. With this scheme, data throughput is greatly increased over a traditional packet system typically comprised of individual packet stations connecting to a local hub/node/bbs on a single frequency.

Complete TARPN Packet Network info available at

If you are interested in learning more about the TARPN network project, or would like to build a TARPN node, please contact us.