May 21, 2023

Due to some hardware and storm damage issues the 70cm RF Backbone is now off-line. RF forwarding is now strictly by HF VARA. Options for new 70cm and 220MHz RF backbones are being considered if acceptable locations can be obtained. More details to come.

March 9, 2023

Delaware’s first Winlink VARA HF Gateway is operational in Seaford, DE!

The Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club – W3TBG, has installed a Winlink VARA HF Gateway, which is hosted at the home of N3SVB.  Club Members are urged to check into the Gateway:  Center Freq. 7098.7 kHz, Dial Freq. 7097.2 kHz, 500Hz bandwidth.  The Gateway is operational 24/7.

Gateway operation on 80 and 20 Meters will be activated in the near future. 

Equipment donations provided by:

W3JSQ                 Kenwood TS-440S
KC3DSO               Signalink USB and setup
N3SVB                  Real Estate, Antenna Farm, and computer expertise
KW3Z                   Computer

Many thanks to Keith, N3SVB & Steven/KC3DSO for making this Gateway a reality!

2-Meter Winlink RMS Gateways – Sussex County Update

The N3KNT-10 RMS at TidalHealth Hospital in Seaford and the N3KNT-11 RMS at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes are fully operational on 145.050 MHz.

Our thanks to Steven/KC3DSO and Ray/WB3GNO for making these Radio Message Servers operational once again!

73, Pat, KW3Z

November 26, 2022

From: N3MEL

Type/Status: BN
Date/Time: 26-Nov 13:25Z
Bid: 26005_N3MEL
Title: Rebuilding A Packet RF Backbone

Hello, All

There is a group of us that are working to rebuild a reliable RF packet backbone in the US. In this effort, we are looking for a few more partners to move messages around the country.

Packet can still play an important role in message handling & ECCOMS but we need less reliability on the internet and get back to what Ham’s do the best RADIO.

What we are proposing is using VARA HF on 80 meters. There are a few of us already linked and have been for a few months and things are working great.

Dial: 3.596 Center: 3.597.5 VARA HF BW 500

80m Stations:
KB9PVH-7 #SCWI.WI.USA.NOAM currently only testing

UHF Linked Stations:
N3MEL-7 Southeast PA
KA3VSP-7 Northern Del

It would not be necessary for everyone to be linked to the HF backbone, this should be more geared toward regions. A region would only have to have a connection with the nearest VARA station with the best s/n, you would not have to connect to the group.. We would then adjust our forwarding script.

For more info and to sign up with the group please visit

Please also feel free to reach out to me either here on packet or email for more info.

Hope to hear from you!
73 de Glenn N3MEL(FRNPA) 1st Responders Network of Pa
PKT:145.090 & VARA HF:3.596 WL2K:145.670

Emergency Coordinator Chester County ARES/RACES

August 14, 2022

Delaware Packet Network (DEPN) group will be attending the ARRL Southern New Jersey Section Convention and Hamfest sponsored by the Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club (W2MMD) on Sunday, September 11, 2022 to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of a RF-Linked AX.25 Packet Network being built in the surrounding area. Look for us in the first pavilion.

August 7, 2022

70cm RF Backbone successfully deployed connecting New Castle County, DE to Chester County, PA.

March 24, 2022

Packet Net Starting Sunday 3/27 00:00 UTC

Greetings Packeteers.

The overall purpose of the net is to promote packet radio activity here in the states, understand the networks overall condition & most of all to have some fun with it, the best digital mode going! 

The net will start on Sunday March 27th. Your home bbs should receive a bulletin addressed to ALL@USA titled Packet Net Check-in, sometime on Saturday with the directions for the upcoming net. We are all looking forward to receiving your check-ins.


Northeast Packet Radio Group, The Mid Atlantic Region.

Questions or Comments send to: N3MEL@N3MEL.#EPA.PA.USA.NOAM or

73 de Glenn N3MEL
1st Responders Network

March 12, 2022

Delaware Packet Network (DEPN) will be attending the Delmarva Radio & Electronics EXPO and ARRL Delaware State Convention sponsored by the Sussex Amateur Radio Association on Saturday April 23, 2022 to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of a RF-Linked AX.25 and VARA Packet Network being built in the surrounding area. Event information is available at Look for us in the inside vendor area section.

February 13, 2022

Regional AX.25 Packet Meet via Zoom – 2nd Saturday of each month at 7:00PM ET

– Introduce packet operations to new users
– Assist new packet users with getting started
– Encourage adding new nodes/digipeaters to grow the AX.25 network
– Create community-based AX.25 Packet Networks linked together
– Discuss growing AX.25 network via RF Links between Nodes/BBS’ using 1200/9600 baud AX.25 or FM/HF VARA

Invites will be sent out over local Packet BBS’ or via DEPN Email Group – Sign up at

December 24, 2021

The DEPN objective is changing as VHF FM VARA and HF VARA ports will soon be added! In addition, a 70cm backbone will soon be put into service which will RF link New Castle County, DE with Chester County, PA and Delaware County, PA.

November 27, 2021

W3DRA has recently enabled a KA-Node (W3DRA-7) on 145.070. At the highest point in Delaware, this node will serve a large area covering most of New Castle County, Southeast Pennsylvania, Northeast Maryland, and into Central and South New Jersey. The KA-Node, featured in most Kantronics TNC’s, is a simple packet-networking node, when enabled, the station can be used by other stations, not only as a digipeater but also as a node, helping them to find pathways to other stations that they can not reach. KA-Nodes, like other networking nodes such as NET/ROM, operate more efficiently than do digipeaters as a link between two stations. End-to-end acknowledgement of received packets is not required with the nodes; instead they handle errors between each other, rather than from end to end (which can cause extra traffic when errors or interference occurs).

May 27, 2021

Delaware Packet Network (DEPN) group will be attending the ARRL Southern New Jersey Section Convention and Hamfest sponsored by the Gloucester County Amateur Radio Club (W2MMD) on Sunday, September 12, 2021 to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of a RF-Linked AX.25 Packet Network being built in the surrounding area. Look for us in the tailgating sections.

January 29, 2021

On January 28, 2021, a Delaware Packet Networking demonstration was presented to the First State Amateur Radio Club (FSARC) via Zoom online conference. A PDF of the demonstration is available here.

June 1, 2020

Current version of the TARPN NinoTNC N9600A3 boards and parts have arrived. This will put our demo inventory of four ready-to-deploy BPQ nodes featuring BPQ Node, BBS, and Conference Chat.

If are located in north Delaware, or surrounding areas, and you would like to obtain one of the demo nodes to try at your QTH, please let us know using our Contact Form. You will need a 2 Meter VHF or 70cm UHF radio (25 – 35 watts). Contact us to see what we can configure.