DEPN TARPN SETUP – For TARPN Nodes in the Delaware Packet Network

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When configuring your TARPN node, the following recommended conventions for TARPN Nodes in the DEPN Network are:

  • Node Callsign & SSID: Use your callsign with a SSID of ‘-3’, e.g. ‘KA3VSP-3’
  • Node Name: Usually First Name and First Letter of Last Name, e.g. ‘BRIANP’
  • BBS Callsign: Use your callsign with a SSID of ‘-1’, e.g. ‘KA3VSP-1’
  • CHAT Callsign: Use your callsign with a SSID of ‘-9’, e.g. ‘KA3VSP-9’

CHAT Config

Under ‘Nodes to link to’, add your TARPN Neighbor’s node and callsign using the format shown. The node will start with a ‘Z’ followed by the last 3 characters of the neighbor’s callsign, followed by a semicolon, then the chat callsign with SSID.

Add your longitude and latitude coordinates, as shown, in the Map Position location.

Click ‘Save’

User Configuration

Be sure to configure your TARPN Neighbors as shown.

If there is a TARPN Neighbor that has not yet connected to your node, you will need to manually add the user by adding the node callsign (without SSID) in the window at the bottom right of the screen, then click ‘Add’.

Be sure to configure each TARPN user by selecting ‘BBS’, ‘Expert’, and ‘Allow Sending Bulls’.

Click ‘Update’ after once all changes have been made.

Forwarding Configuration

For each TARPN node user, configure forwarding as shown.

  1. Select the user’s callsign in the list
  2. In the ‘TO’ field, add the user’s callsign
  3. In the ‘AT’ field, add ‘ALL’, ‘DEPN’, and ‘FSARC’
  4. In the ‘TIMES’ field, add ‘0000-2359’
  5. In the ‘Connect Script’, add the following:
    c (node name)
    c bbs
  6. Check ‘Enable Forwarding’ and set interval to 1800 secs.
  7. Check ‘Send new messages without waiting for poll timer’.
  8. Click ‘Save’
  9. Repeat above process for each forwarding partner.


Configure Housekeeping as shown.


TARPN Home is very powerful node Browser User Interface, however, the BBS tab will only show personal messages. To be able to view and read bulletins sent throughout the DEPN Network, you will need to install and use QtTermTCP terminal program for accessing your TARPN node and BBS.