BPQ CHAT User Commands

All commands start with a /. Any text not preceded with a / is sent to call connected users in the current topic.

Commands can be in upper or lower case
/U – Show Users
/N – Enter your Name
/Q – Enter your QTH
/T – Show Topics
/T Name – Join Topic or Create new Topic. Topic Names are not case sensitive.
/P – Show Ports and Links
/A – Toggle Alert on user join.
/C – Toggle Colour Mode on or off (only works on Console or BPQTerminal.
/E – Toggle Echo.
/Keepalive – Toggle sending Keepalive messages every 10 minutes.
/ShowNames – Toggle displaying name as well as call on each message.
/Auto – Toggle Automatic character set selection.
/UTF-8 – Toggle Character set Selection – UTF* or 8 bit.
/CodePage (or /CP) Select Code Page to uue when UTF8 is not selected.
/Time – Toggle displaying timestamp on each message.
/S CALL Text – Send Text to that station only.
/F – Force all links to be made.
/K – Show Known nodes.
/B – Leave Chat and return to node.
/QUIT – Leave Chat and disconnect from node.