All current packet stations in the Delaware Network use the recommended SSID for their PBBS as ‘-1’. Once connected to a PBBS, help is available by typing ‘h’ or ‘?’.

Current PBBS include:
KA3VSP-1 on 441.050 and 145.070
N3JPW-1 on 441.050
KA3JUJ-1 on 441.050
W3LDG-1 on 441.050

Typical SSID’s Convention used for Delaware TARPN nodes

Node Callsign -3
BBS -1
Chat -9
Node Name is usually first name and first initial of last name, i.e. ‘brianp’

Connecting and Navigating TARPN BPQ Nodes

TARPN BPQ Nodes are accessible by entering the node alias:
Node ‘BRIANP’ on 441.050 and 145.070
Node ‘MARKE’ on 441.050

Once connected to a TARPN BPQ Node, type ‘I’ for information or ‘?’ for help.

TARPN nodes often have multiple ports, which need to be used for certain commands, such as the ‘MHEARD’ or the ‘CONNECT’ command will require a port number. To view available ports on a TARPN node, type ‘PORTS’. You will see a response similar to:

1 p2p link to 145.070
11 p2p 9600 link to n3jpw-3

In the above port list, you will see Port 1 link to 145.070 and Port 11 link to N3JPW-3 (MARKE). To use this in the MHEARD command, you will need to enter ‘MH port#’, i.e. ‘MH 1’ or ‘MH 11’.

From a node, you can enter the conference CHAT by typing ‘CHAT’, or direct to station callsign with a SSID of -9, such as ‘C KA3VSP-9’.

Once in a Conference Chat via a TARPN Node, type ‘/?’ or ‘/h’ for help. To disconnect from a Conference Chat, type ‘/b’ to return to the Node, or ‘/quit’ to disconnect from chat and the node.

You can also enter the BBS from a TARPN BPQ node connection by typing ‘BBS’.