About DEPN

The Delaware Packet Network (DEPN) objective is to document and promote the development of a RF-Linked Amateur Radio AX.25 and IL2P (Improved Layer 2 Protocol) Terrestrial Packet Network within the State of Delaware and surrounding areas.

We are interested in building a RF-linked ham radio packet network throughout the State of Delaware using the Terrestrial Amateur Radio Packet Network (TARPN) featuring BPQ Node, BBS and Conference Chat. If you are interested in setting up a TARPN BPQ Network Node, please contact us using the Contact page. More information on TARPN is available at http://www.tarpn.net

Two Port TARPN node, ‘BRIANP’ located in New Castle, Delaware. Features Raspberry Pi 3B and two Nino N9600A3 TNC’s.

Port 5 – 145.070 1200 baud
Port 6 – 441.050 1200 baud

Active TARPN Nodes are documented on the Network Page.

The NinoTNC N9600A is a USB interfaced 1200 baud (Bell 202) and 9600 baud (G3RUH) serial KISS TNC designed by Nino KK4HEJ for use in Amateur Radio AX.25 and IL2P packet data networks.

Click photo for larger view.

More info at http://tarpn.net/t/nino-tnc/nino-tnc.html

Each TARPN installation includes a web server that runs the TARPN Home Web Application for accessing Node terminal, BBS and Conference Chat.

If your Amateur Radio Club, local to Delaware and surrounding areas, would like a demonstration at an upcoming meeting, please Contact Us to schedule a demonstration.

This site will be updated frequently – Last update: September 28, 2020