The Delaware Packet Network (DEPN) objective is to document and promote the development of a RF-Linked Amateur Radio AX.25 Terrestrial Packet Network within the State of Delaware and surrounding areas.

We are interested in building a RF-linked ham radio packet network throughout the State of Delaware using the Terrestrial Amateur Radio Packet Network (TARPN) . Assistance with Packet radio networking using TNC Nodes, Winlink Gateways, Digipeaters, and NETROM Nodes featuring full-service BBS and Conference Chat is also addressed and documented. If you are interested in setting up and hosting a Network Node, or need assistance setting up a packet station, please contact us using the Contact page.

Active Packet Radio Stations/Nodes in Delaware

Map of active Delaware area packet stations and nodes is available here. Add your packet station to the Delaware area map of active packet stations and nodes here.

Club and Hamfest Presentations

If your Amateur Radio Club, local to Delaware and surrounding areas, would like a demonstration at an upcoming meeting, please Contact Us to schedule a demonstration. Meeting presentations and area Hamfest demonstrations will be announced on our Latest News page.

If you have questions, would like to participate in an email discussion group regarding packet radio operations within the State of Delaware, or get invitations to any packet radio networking meetings, please feel free to subscribe to our email group.

This site will be updated frequently – Last update: May 27, 2021